Baby Powder Natural Incense Stick [11 in] Lasting Relaxing Fragrance - 20 Pack

Baby Powder Natural Incense Stick [11 in] Lasting Relaxing Fragrance - 20 Pack

Baby Powder Natural Incense Stick [11 in] Lasting Relaxing Fragrance - 20 Pack

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Baby Powder Natural Incense Stick [11 in] Lasting Relaxing Fragrance - 20 Pack


Rekindle homely memories and calm your senses by burning Bargzoils baby powder incense sticks. These incense sticks are made to spread fragrance via smoke, filling up your room with a rich, distinctive aroma. Burning incense sticks will help create the perfect ambiance in your environment during prayer and worship. You can also use these incense stick in your home or office whenever you need to unwind after a hard day’s work.

If you’re looking to add meaning to your private moments, there’s no better pick than the Bargzoils baby powder incense sticks.

How to burn incense sticks

Our incense sticks are designed for ease of use, and can be put to use in three easy steps:

      • Hold the bamboo portion of the stick and light the opposite ‘coated’ end.
      • Gently extinguish the flame by fanning or blowing. Your stick should glow red and emit a delicate wisp of fragrant smoke signifying that it is smoldering.
      • Place the unlit end of your stick in an incense burner.

11” Sticks

Each incense stick in this pack measures a whopping 11 inches long and burns for an extended duration of time to sufficiently enrich your private moments, romantic dinners, and special occasions.

Value Pack

This is a value pack of 20 baby powder incense sticks to keep your going for as long as you need to. Get more value for money with a powerful pack of extra-long, quality incense from your #1 brand.


Bargzoils baby powder incense delivers a consistent soothing smell that can be used for a variety of applications – from meditation, yoga, religious rituals, special occasions, and many more.

Homely Scent

One of our top selling incense sticks, this pack delivers the homely baby powder scent that we are all accustomed to. Easily add to the quality of the environment around you.

Uses of our baby powder fragrance incense sticks

Burning incense is essentially a peace act that triggers loving memories in abundance. Most of our customers love using these sticks for the following applications:

        • Practicing yoga – burning incense creates a relaxing, energizing environment where you can master your focus and concentration when practicing yoga.
        • Unwinding – looking to unwind and put down the day’s worries? Tantalize your senses with the nostalgic scent of baby powder fragrance.
        • Emotional release – this awesome scent fosters tranquility, calms your nervous system, promotes a sense of joy and energy, and encourages emotional reactions.
        • Deepen spirituality – since time immemorial, incense has been burned to heighten the senses, uplift the spirit, and bring peace and hormone to the mind.
        • Quality time – we all have certain scents and aromas that resonate with our inner beings. If baby powder is your type of scent, it’ll help inspire your senses as you spend time with yourself.

Great choice for a gift

Are you looking for a unique gift for a special someone? Show them how thoughtful you are with this pack of high-quality incense sticks. Offer ideals how they may make use of this product during prayer time, romantic dinners, special occasions, as well as for relaxing purposes. People love out-of-the-ordinary gifts that can enrich their lives, and our pack of incense sticks will be certainly thrilling.

Incense sticks usage tips

      1. These incense sticks can be used in your home, patio, parties, office, rituals, and any other occasion
      2. Keep in a dry environment to protect from moisture and damage
      3. Avoid dropping these sticks because they may break under pressure
      4. Simply light the coated tip of the stick for a little while, then blow out to get started
      5. Once ignited, keep the incense in a ventilated place. If you burn incense in a room with no ventilation, then your eyes might get irritated.
      6. Do not leave burning incense unattended
      7. Keep out of reach of children

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