Peppermint Essential Oil [RELAXING SCENT] - Glass Amber Bottle - Roll On Bottle [10 ML]

Peppermint Essential Oil [RELAXING SCENT] - Glass Amber Bottle - Roll On Bottle [10 ML]

Peppermint Essential Oil [RELAXING SCENT] - Glass Amber Bottle - Roll On Bottle [10 ML]

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Peppermint Essential Oil [RELAXING SCENT] - Glass Amber Bottle 


 Refresh your spirit and stimulate mental agility with pure peppermint essential oil. BargzOils Peppermint essential oil is farm-grown and contains a pleasant, mild fragrance. Unlike most other stored essential oils that are watered down with fillers and toxins, this is a 100% natural and organic product. Relieve skin irritations and itchiness, as well as reduce skin redness with Peppermint’s cooling action.

Origin of Peppermint Oil

Peppermint essential oil is native to the Mediterranean region, but is now widely cultivated in the USA, Italy, Japan, and the UK. The mint plant is a perennial herb that grows up to 1 meter high with pinkish-mauve flowers and serrated leaves. Evidence of peppermint use dates back to 1000 BC. The oil is extracted from the whole plant just before it flowers. Steam distillation of the fresh or partly dried plant yields 0.1 – 1.0% pure peppermint essential oil.


Extracted from the steam distillation of peppermint leaves.

The chemical composition of peppermint oil includes menthol, methyl acetate, limonene, a-pinene, b-pinene, menthone, methofuran, trans-sabinene hydrate, germacrene-d, isomenthone, and pulegone.

Product Characteristics

        • Flash Point - 160F
        • Odor – Characteristic Mint Scent  
        • Solubility in Alcohol – Yes
        • Shelf Life – 24 Months with Proper Storage
        • Appearance – Colorless to pale yellow


        • Although peppermint oil is non-irritant and non-toxic, it can irritate the mucus membranes and should be kept away from the eyes.
        • Avoid using peppermint oil during pregnancy.
        • Harmful if swallowed.

Benefits of Peppermint Oil

        • Provides an amazing cooling sensation on the skin
        • Aromatherapy to stimulate the mind and boost focus
        • Reduce skin itching and redness
        • Helps ease migraines, chest congestion, and headaches


Farm Sourced

Since our Peppermint oil is sourced directly from farm-grown brandy mint plant, it is organic and 100% safe for use. It comes with a fresh, crisp, menthol smell, and will have your home or office smelling fresher. Our oils are not diluted with additives, chemicals, alcohols, bases, or parabens. Get your pack of organic, safe, and healthy Peppermint essential oils with our Premium brand protection.

CAUTIONS: Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use. For external use only. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes.

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