Myrrh Natural Incense Stick [11 in] Lasting Relaxing Fragrance - 20 Pack

Myrrh Natural Incense Stick [11 in] Lasting Relaxing Fragrance - 20 Pack

Myrrh Natural Incense Stick [11 in] Lasting Relaxing Fragrance - 20 Pack

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Myrrh Natural Incense Stick [11 in] Lasting Relaxing Fragrance - 20 Pack

Tap into the divine that surrounds you with Myrrh incense sticks.These sticks will penetrate the surface of your everyday existence and give you a focused calmness. It’s no wonder that myrrh is widely used to help focus on intentions, as well as meditations. Each of these sticks delivers a rich earthy smell that will energize your entire house.
Bargzoils Myrrh incense sticks are hand rolled with a rich blend of natural ingredients. From pure myrrh resin to woody base notes and sweet nutty undertones, you’ll get a distinctively oriental and long lasting fragrance.

A History of Myrrh

Myrrh is one of the oldest known incense ever. It’s been used for thousands of years. In the Christian Bible, myrrh is described as one of three gifts given by the Magi to the newborn baby Jesus. The ancient Egyptians used myrrh as an offering to the goddess Isis. There’s unlimited evidence of usage of myrrh fragrance by other ancient civilization. This just proves the point that Myrrh is an excellent fragrance to incorporate into your celebrations or religious rituals.

Natural Handcrafted

Bargzoils Myrrh fragrance sticks are hand-rolled with the best natural ingredients. They deliver an earthy rich scent that’ll fill up your space and sanctify your environment.

Divine Scent

Looking to hold a thanksgiving, prayer session, or religious ritual? Myrrh incense sticks are widely used for these kinds of occasions, as well as for purifying sacred spaces.


There’s no shortage of ways in which you can tap into the benefits of Myrrh fragrance. When you’re not using it for prayer rituals, bring it to your yoga practice or meditation routines.

Value Pack

This pack includes a total of 20 extra-long incense sticks that burn for longer and deliver a rich smoky fragrance that’ll last all day long. Get value for money with this premium bundle. 

How to Use Myrrh Incense

Myrrh incense is known to be sun associative. This explains why it’s widely used to promote renewal into one’s next life – just like the sun renews itself each other day. Due to its divine attribution, myrrh incense is commonly used for purification, exorcism, and Christian rituals. Other applications of Myrrh incense include general wellness and relaxation. If you’re feeling stressed out, simply burn a myrrh incense stick to help calm your nerves.

Slow Burning, Quality Incense Sticks

Our incense sticks are not only easy to use but also of high quality. Simply light the coated end of the stick and then carefully blow out the flame. This will leave a glowing ember that smolders and releases the exotic myrrh fragrance. Each of the 20 sticks burns slowly for up to 1 hour depending on the airflow in the room. Should need be, our incense sticks can be extinguished and then re-lit later. 

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