Incense Stick Holder. Adorable Way To Hold Your Incense And Brighten Your Life. With Storage Compartment (H-47)

Incense Stick Holder. Adorable Way To Hold Your Incense And Brighten Your Life. With Storage Compartment (H-47)


Incense Stick Holder. Adorable Way To Hold Your Incense And Brighten Your Life. With Storage Compartment (H-47)

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This beautifully crafted horizontal incense burner will beautifully spread the freshness and fragrance of your favorite incense sticks. Simply insert your fragrance sticks or cone inside the wooden case and sit back as the smoky rich aroma gently wafts through the openings to fill your spaces. If you’re looking to make the best out of your best incense cone or stick flavors without jeopardizing your furniture and other expensive items in your home, this horizontal incense holder is meant for you.

Compliment your yoga and meditation routines

Our incense burner is ideal for complimenting your yoga practice and meditation routines. This premium incense burner is also great for aromatherapy, spa use, reiki, sensual therapy, healing yoga, positivity, worshipping, relaxation, church, wedding events, private parties, and more. Stimulate creativity, increase concentration, and enrich your environment with sensual aromas. When used with our quality incenses (not included), this holder will give you a feeling of compassion, inner peace, well-being, relaxation, increased vitality, and centeredness.

 Elegant Style

Bargzoils horizontal incense burner is designed to appeal to the eye and add aesthetic value to your spaces and décor. It comes with elegantly handcrafted carvings and a beautiful brass inlay.

Easy to Use

This incense stick holder is designed to be easy to use. Simply put your cone or incense sticks in the appropriate spot, and burn all of them together to fill up your spaces with the smoky aroma.

Reliable Holder

Our incense burners are some of the most dependable incense holders that you’ll ever come across. Enjoy your favorite incense aromas without having to worry about ash getting to your furniture.

Perfect Gift

Looking for a great holder to accompany incense gift that you’re preparing for a loved one or valuable friend? You can’t go wrong with this exquisitely handcrafted piece.

Elegantly handcrafted holder

Bargzoils incense burners are meticulously handcrafted by expert artisans in Asia. Because each piece is built individually, you may realize slight variations. This is indeed what makes our incense burners unique. You get a one-of-a-kind elegant holder that can look great wherever you put it – be it in your living room, patio, or business’s office. Our horizontal incense holders are just what you need for your prayer sessions, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, or special occasions. Reliably use this holder with any type of incense cone or sticks.

How to care for your incense holder

      • Avoid contact with direct sunlight because this can discolor the holder
      • Clean with a soft cloth with liquid polish in order to maintain the holder’s pristine look.


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